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About the Websites I Build

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I help businesses with website consultation, design, development and hosting. WordPress is my platform of choice, with its open source software, active development community, and powerful plugin architecture. This multi-level user access system will support all internal and external partners; copywriters, editors, customers, managers, SEO and marketing specialists, administrators, and other contributors. Projects range in complexity, from simple company brochure websites to online stores, lead generation tools like forms and surveys, social media integration, database tools for email lists and private login areas, and more.

Key Traits

Not all websites are created equal! Those that stand out, in my opinion, have several key traits that are essential for success.

  • A website needs to just work, without technical glitches and incompatibilities. It doesn’t matter how pretty it is if users can’t access the information. Great websites use code based on proven standards that work in all major browsers, while embracing widely adopted new technologies to enhance the overall experience.
  • Navigation and layout should support a great user experience; one for a chosen target audience that allows quick and painless access to information. Smart websites engage the user through a well thought-out design and connects them to the business in a meaningful way.
  • A website should never be “hard on the eyes.” People are attracted to beautiful things. If browsing a website is comfortable and enjoyable, they’ll stay longer. Credibility is also earned to some degree by taking design seriously.
  • Successful websites guide users to a desired action, and records activity for future analysis. For many businesses, websites can be a significant portion of their marketing budget. Smart businesses monitor usage and actively seek feedback so that their website can be improved.

Form and Function

My predilection for efficiency and simple elegance has worked well for me over the years. The struggle finding the right balance between form and function without compromising quality, user experience, or performance is very real and challenging. It’s often what keeps me up late at night; literally!


Every single new project I take on is mobile friendly by default and embraces the latest accessibility guidelines provided by the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative. Web content should be easy to access for all people, including those with disabilities. I am constantly reading articles on design trends and techniques, peaking “under the hood” at the code to see how new technologies and emerging standards are being implemented. In the end, it’s my client’s goals that matter, and their website a tool to get there.