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New VT Equipment & Workflow

Virtual Tour rig
Virtual Tour rig
Nodal Ninja pano head with Nikon SLR

I am very happy with my recent purchase; a new Nodal Ninja pano head! It made stitching a breeze after a recent 360º virtual tour photo shoot. This rig can angle the camera in any direction at precise degrees. Before the project date, I tested various settings and scenarios, finally settling on two rows of 9 photos, for a total of 18 per scene. If you’re wondering why so many photos are needed, it depends on the field of view (fov) of the lens being used, and there must be sufficient overlap for an accurate stitch. The result is a high resolution virtual tour suitable for full screen viewing and zooming in to see detail. But the new gear isn’t all that has me stoked!

I have been using Adobe’s Lightroom with a new solid-state drive (no moving parts!) to process raw images, and it has sped up my workflow considerably! I still have to use three software packages to build a virtual tour, but I enjoy the process. Click an image below to view these new virtual tours. If you know anyone who needs something like this, perhaps for a business or a high-end home listing, please let me know!


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